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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seven Things IT Professionals Must Know

Our friends at TradePub have teamed with eEye Digital Security to bring you a free eBook titled Seven Things IT Professionals Must Know.

This free eBook is designed to help you gain key insights into IT security problems and find the safest means to protect your technological assets.

Seven Things IT Professionals Must Know details the seven pain points often encountered by IT security professionals and gives practical advice on how to solve them. This eBook is useful for any IT Professional dealing with internal and external attacks.

The eBook, unsurprisingly, covers eEye products and how they can be useful in protecting enterprise resources, network assets, web sites, and applications. However, the information provided can be useful no matter what IT security tools you choose to use.

The book covers core IT security topics such as:

  • How to prevent the loss of protected information
  • How to resolve network weaknesses
  • How to resist system exploitation through vulnerable network ports
  • How to protect against harmful spyware attacks
  • How to defend against unwanted intruders

It’s a good read and you can’t beat the price. :)

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