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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Booting from USB drive even if it is not supported by BIOS

These days the use of USB disks are increasing day by day.And in its final step now days even installation windows or booting of a system is also performed by using USB disks. But as far this is limited to only motherboard which support booting from USB disks by the system BIOS. Now what to do with non-supporting motherboards? If you are stuck in such a situation where you have a mother board which does not support booting from a USB drive then free boot manager PLoP will be the best solution for you. This simple boot manager can work with your existing bootloader in BIOS as this can be launched from any device i.e floppy or a CD drive. And once launched you can use menus provided to boot your PC with almost any device like USB, CD or even from a Network.

You can download it from the link here in a zip format and follow the instruction included in the archive. Hope this will solve your problem…..

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