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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ufone New Package: Uth package stylish offer

Ufone New Package: Uth package stylish offer
Stylish Offer!
An Offer SO STYLISH kay soch hai aapki!
Forget the blah and bring on the bling! Ufone Uth introduces its Stylish Offer! Are you interested in winning amazing prizes like designer tshirts, iPads, and the latest in mobile gadgets?! Wait no more and start making as many calls with your Uth number as physically possible… because every 6 calls you make in a day count as ONE entry into our awesome lucky draw.
You can be the brand new owner of:
Amazing designer tshirts (100 daily)
Apple® iPhone
Apple® iPad
BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone
Nokia® N8
Android® handset
(Items 2-6 will be awarded at the end of the Lucky Draw)
The more calls you make the more entries you will get and the more chances to win one of the totally awesome prizes above! SO start calling everyone U know right now before your friends do!
If you’re not on the Uth Package, then go get your Ufone SIM today and dial *22# to get on it right now,because you can get so much here kay soch hai aapki!
Terms & Conditions:
Subscriber has to make at least 6 calls in a day to qualify for that day’s lucky draw
Subscriber has to be on Uth Package, Uth Non Stop Offer or Uth Full Time Mufta Offer to participate in the offer.
Daily Charges of Uth Package & Uth Non Stop Offer are Rs 1+tax/Day
Daily Charges of Uth Full Time Mufta Offer are Rs 1.99+tax/Day
SIM has to be in the name of subscriber in order to obtain the prize.
Prize will be made available to the subscriber at the nearest service center
Prize will be made available within 7 days of the lucky draw.
Lucky draw for 100 T Shirts will be done on daily basis for 30 days from the launch of the promotion.
Lucky draw for Grand Prize of iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone, Nokia N8 and Android mobile device will be done at the end of the promotion.
Subscriber will be called and informed to pick the prize from the nearest service center.
Terms and Conditions apply.
Using SIMS without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

Ufone New Package: Ufone introduces Lady’s Package

Ufone New Package: Ufone introduces Lady’s Package

Mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends… they brighten every day of our lives. But all too often their roles in our lives and their efforts go unnoticed or under-appreciated. That’s why… we at Ufone want to thank our ladies and would like to give something that’s tailored especially for you… Ufone Lady’s Package.
Ladies, keeping your needs in mind, we have devised Ufone Lady’s Package. Now talk to your heart’s content because with Lady’s Package, as our special female customer, U can avail great deals on Call & SMS rates:

  Lady's Package:

Ufone + PTCL Numbers(Rs 2/hour)(10am to 5pm)

Ufone + PTCL Numbers(Rs 1.25/minute)(5pm to 10am)

All other networks(Rs 1.25/minute )(24 hours)

SMS (Ufone to Ufone)(50 Paisas)

SMS (Ufone to other networks)(Re 1 )
YES! There’s finally a package that suits you the best, with more to come. So now Sub Manain Gaay!
To convert to Lady’s Package simply dial *34#
Terms & Conditions:
Calls to Ufone and PTCL numbers will be charged at Rs.2+tax per hour
Daily subscription fee of 50 paisas+tax will be applicable
Calls made to free numbers and short codes are not included in hourly call rate
UAdvance of Rs. 20 will be offered against a service charge of Rs. 0.75 + tax
One recipe or beauty tip will be shared, once a week, free of cost
19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies
Terms and condition apply
Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ultrafast Quantum Computer Closer: Ten Billion Bits of Entanglement Achieved in Silicon

Scientists from Oxford University have made a significant step towards an ultrafast quantum computer by successfully generating 10 billion bits of quantum entanglement in silicon for the first time -- entanglement is the key ingredient that promises to make quantum computers far more powerful than conventional computing devices.
The researchers used high magnetic fields and low temperatures to produce entanglement between the electron and the nucleus of an atom of phosphorus embedded in a highly purified silicon crystal. The electron and the nucleus behave as a tiny magnet, or 'spin', each of which can represent a bit of quantum information. Suitably controlled, these spins can interact with each other to be coaxed into an entangled state -- the most basic state that cannot be mimicked by a conventional computer.
An international team from the UK, Japan, Canada and Germany, report their achievement in the journal Nature.
'The key to generating entanglement was to first align all the spins by using high magnetic fields and low temperatures,' said Stephanie Simmons of Oxford University's Department of Materials, first author of the report. 'Once this has been achieved, the spins can be made to interact with each other using carefully timed microwave and radiofrequency pulses in order to create the entanglement, and then prove that it has been made.'
The work has important implications for integration with existing technology as it uses dopant atoms in silicon, the foundation of the modern computer chip. The procedure was applied in parallel to a vast number of phosphorus atoms.
'Creating 10 billion entangled pairs in silicon with high fidelity is an important step forward for us,' said co-author Dr John Morton of Oxford University's Department of Materials who led the team. 'We now need to deal with the challenge of coupling these pairs together to build a scalable quantum computer in silicon.'
In recent years quantum entanglement has been recognised as a key ingredient in building new technologies that harness quantum properties. Famously described by Einstein as "spooky action at distance" -- when two objects are entangled it is impossible to describe one without also describing the other and the measurement of one object will reveal information about the other object even if they are separated by thousands of miles.
Creating true entanglement involves crossing the barrier between the ordinary uncertainty encountered in our everyday lives and the strange uncertainties of the quantum world. For example, flipping a coin there is a 50% chance that it comes up heads and 50% tails, but we would never imagine the coin could land with both heads and tails facing upwards simultaneously: a quantum object such as the electron spin can do just that.
Dr Morton said: 'At high temperatures there is simply a 50/50 mixture of spins pointing in different directions but, under the right conditions, all the spins can be made to point in two opposing directions at the same time. Achieving this was critical to the generation of spin entanglement.'
Source: Daily Science