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Thursday, August 6, 2009

EASEUS Partition Manager

Partitioning the hard drive is not a task which would be performed on a daily basis. It is commonly executed on procurement of a new hard drive. Some consider it a very risky and intricate process but with EASEUS Partition Manager, your outlook will change.

EASEUS Partition Manager (EASEUS PM) is a disk partition management tool, also an alternative to Partition Magic (currently known as Norton Partition Magic). EASEUS PM Software is available in four different editions; Home, Professional, Server and Unlimited. It’s a handy software designed exclusively to aid you with dicing a hard drive to your requirements and taste.

Features and Functions

  • Offers a simple and speedy solution in configuring and administrating the hard disk partitions with a comprehensive control over the creation, deletion, resizing, moving and formatting of partitions
  • Supports browsing the detailed information about all hard drives, partitions and file systems too
  • Labels can be assigned to each partition and supports hiding or un-hiding of partitions
  • Comes supplied with an elite element to resize or move the live partitions by making use of the free space without any loss of data
  • Helps shrink the size of an existing partition in order to unite it with the available free space and construct a larger partition
  • Gives a detailed and comprehensive set of instructions to aid the user in accomplishing a variety of projected steps
  • Well-suited with Win NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista and can serve large disks ranging from 2GB to 1TB
  • Incorporates a preference to create a bootable CD, that permits to supervise the partitions before Windows loads (could be needed for certain changes)
  • Executes a bad sector test and a call on Windows’ CHDISK utility to mend the defects
  • Secures and protects the settings, preventing them from unauthorized changes, by providing password locking capability

The Disadvantages

  • The interface and the visuals are not too appealing or attractive, starting from the colors to the fonts used. Looking plainly at its aesthetics (appearance), it equals with the aged look of the previous operating systems
  • Lacks any kind of backup preference for cloning the existing data

The Conclusion

The user interface may not be worthy of a reward but it balances for the wide-ranged powerful functionalities and ease of use. So grab a copy of EASEUS Partition Manager to make things simple and reclaim peace of mind.

Visit EASEUS Partition Manager’s website

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