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Sunday, September 12, 2010

So, You Don’t Like How iTunes 10 Looks

Responding to a piece posted by Softpedia earlier this week ("How About That New iTunes 10 Icon"), commenters lamented the switch from the old CD-themed logo, even though Apple carefully outlined that the departure was due to iTunes surpassing sales of CDs in the US.

In other words, iTunes is all about digital downloads, therefore an icon containing a CD is suddenly not appropriate anymore.
Softpedia noted that the CD iTunes icon was, in fact, iconic for Apple, therefore the company should have thought twice before changing it.
Although opinions remain divided on the subject, most Softpedia users seem to agree that Apple had better left the iTunes icon just the way it was.

Here are just a few comments from some of our readers:
“The new iTunes icon looks cheap and out of place in Snow Leopards dock. I have replace the icon right away with the old iTunes 9,” Triphase wrote.
“Fugly. The previous wasn't manna from heaven or anything but wow does this seem like something from the mid-90's and poorly executed at that. It's something even Microsoft should be embarrassed by. Sorry Apple, I love ya' but this looks about as good as the new iPhone software works,” said a person identified as 120spaced.
“I find Steve's explanation not very convincing..,” Vic_from_Holland wrote, referring to Apple’s CEO explanation as to why iTunes 10 was shipping with a brand new icon.
“What about that remaining musical note then? iTunes clearly offers more ten music alone. My suggestion for the next iTunes logo: a combination of ear and eye?!!”, he added.
“This might sound weird, but it's too round…,” reader Izzy believes. “There are very few round icons on the dock and I think it looks a little out of place. I'm sure I'll get used to it though!”
Others believe “the new logo is very nice” and that “People seem to be afraid of change..”, according to one comment authored “NewLogo”.
“I totally agree with your point,” British Lex wrote, referring to the iconic nature of the iTunes logo.
He aded: “ever since I first got an Ipod, the symbol is what i've searched for every time I wanted to open my Itunes but I guess we'll eventually get used to this one…”
Apple did another boo boo, users indicate - it removed some of the color from the app’s UI.
“I really dislike the new iTunes logo. As well as the new greyscale itunes... I liked the colors it used to have,” reader Tessa shares with Softpedia.
“And yes I subscribed to Ping, but that doesn't mean I've used it or done anything with it... I'm interested to see what sort of new socializing it will offer….,” Tessa adds
Luckily, for those who don’t like the way iTunes 10 looks, but enjoy the new functionality, there is a way to change the UI and keep the features.
iTunes 109 by Damien Erambert brings the color back to iTunes 10, complete with old CD-styled icon.
iTunes 109 is a simple installer package that will revert the gray iTunes 10 UI back to the colorful version typical to iTunes 9.
Users can choose whether to change the UI of the entire application or just the side bar.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Microsoft buries iPhone and BlackBerry in Windows Phone 7 parade

It’s no secret that Microsoft has high hopes its new Windows Phone 7 operating system will help revive the company’s mobile fortunes, which have certainly taken a battering of late.
But so confident is MS of its success, Engadget reports that it has held a celebration parade for the OS being released to manufacturing in which the company literally buried market rivals. Seriously.
This involved employees dressing up in black, complete with hearses and coffins to depict the burial of the iPhone and BlackBerry by the new great hope which is Windows Phone 7.
There was also a Thriller style zombie dance, no less – with some employees keeping better time than others (yes, we’re talking to you, the guy in the white top who does the overhead hand-clap way too late at the 27 second mark in the YouTube video of the event).
Anyway, what to make of all this? Well, it’s hit a few headlines, which was obviously the intention. Although apparently Windows Phone 7 isn’t burying Android, the OS which overtook Windows Mobile in the global smartphone market this year.
Windows Phone 7 will be out on October 11th, and we shall see whose funeral it is soon enough thereafter.