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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zong new offers: M9 Whats Your Plan

M9, an industry first service that no one has yet thought of!  Keeping the tradition alive and touching new heights of customer satisfaction and service innovation, Zong is bringing to subscribers a new Package plan that will appeal to the internet users of Pakistan in general and the educated, smart mobile user in particular.
Specifically designed for our young at heart entertainment lovers, M9 is not just a package but altogether a new experience. The core values of the M9 plan being Flexibility & Lifestyles, combined with the product offering endow a new personality to the Package.
With M9 you can not only choose you own M9 calling plan as well as free benefits as it suits you.  On top of this, you will further receive daily free minutes based on yesterday’s usage. Means with M9 you don’t have to wait for special scheme to put your SIM back and enjoy free benefits rather keep using M9 and enjoy daily! So what’s your plan?

Experience M9

M9 can be activated by either of the following choices
  • Dial *247# from you cell phone and follow the plan
  • Browse through your mobile and go to
  • Visit
Call Rate: Rs. 2.20 plus tax per min
SMS: Rs. 1 plus tax per SMS
GPRS: 11 Paisas per 8 KB
Daily Benefit: One free min on using 1 min (Daily benefit is for on net use only and has a validity of 1 calendar day)
This plan comes with following free monthly SMS and minutes, you can choose any one out of following options:
  • 31 Free Minutes
  • 23 Free Minutes + 23 Free SMS
  • 16 Free Minutes + 45 Free SMS
  • 8 Free Minutes + 68 Free SMS
  • 90 Free SMS
Monthly free resources will be refreshed automatically. Monthly free min are applicable for on net use only whereas SMS can be used on any local network

Zong M9 Services:

Besides the basic package plans, you can avail following services as well:
  • Hourly Internet
  • Daily Internet
  • 4 GB Internet
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Content Club
  • Call Block Service
  • Music Channel
  • Activate Dial Tunes
  • Edit/View your Dial Tunes
  • SMS Bundles

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