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Sunday, October 3, 2010

India Looking For Appropriate Way To Monitor BlackBerry Phones

A top government official said that India hopes to find an "appropriate" way to monitor messages and corporate emails sent through BlackBerry smartphones.

India and countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been talking with Research in Motion (RIM) to try and monitor services because they fear that BlackBerry's encrypted messages make it a convenient tool for terrorists to use.

"There are certain categories (monitoring of communication) where things are possible, there are certain categories where the same kind of interception is not possible," Telecommunications Secretary R. Chandrashekhar told AFP late Friday.

India is testing different ways to intercept BlackBerry communications.

Its government said that RIM offered solutions to help access the BlackBerry messenger, Internet, voice calls and short messaging services.

New Delhi threatened to ban the smartphones corporate email service if RIM failed to come up with a solution to help it monitor the service.  It has now said that it will review the situation near the end of October.

India said that RIM will set up a server if it wishes to continue in the country.  It also said it will study the feasibility of services provided through this type of server in India.

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