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Friday, September 18, 2009

XConnect partners with GSMA on IP routing options

XConnect, a specialist in neutral Voice over IP (VoIP) and Next Generation Network (NGN) interconnection and registry services, today announced it has entered into an agreement with the GSM Association (GSMA) to enable interoperability between XConnect's ENUM Registry Services and the GSMA's PathFinder number translation service operated by Neustar.

Claimed to be an industry first, the agreement allows XConnect customers to query PathFinder for call routing information and also to allow their numbers to be published to the GSMA Carrier ENUM community. XConnect's new SuperQuery feature is said to be completely transparent and seamless for end users.

"Our agreement with the GSMA regarding its PathFinder service initiative reflects our strategy and the widely anticipated trend toward registry interoperability - and through that, universal routing of IP-based services," said Eli Katz, CEO and founder of XConnect. "With one query to the XConnect registry, service providers now have the opportunity to launch and provision rich voice and data services between fixed and mobile networks."

"The GSMA is delighted to be working with XConnect to provide customers with the ability to enable PathFinder queries via XConnect's Carrier ENUM registry," said Adrian Dodd, chief engineer at the GSMA. "This is another step forward in unlocking the revenue potential of IP-based networks by enabling them to deliver new rich and convergent services to businesses and consumers quickly and efficiently, regardless of their network or device type."

By enabling PathFinder queries via XConnect, service providers will simplify the querying, routing and interoperability process and eliminate the need for separate, complex commercial and technical agreements.

XConnect's SuperQuery feature is available as an option to XConnect customers through existing federation-based interconnection services - Global Alliance and National Federations, including the market-leading federations in the Netherlands and South Korea.

XConnect enables service providers to simplify the interconnect process and enable the deployment of revenue-generating, IP-based multimedia services across networks by more efficiently routing calls to their subscribers via ENUM registry queries. This allows service providers to leverage their number assets as they migrate away from expensive legacy SS7/C7 routing. The agreement with the GSMA extends the number of IP endpoints that can be reached by customers of both partners.

Launched in November 2008 by the GSMA and operated by Neustar, the GSMA's PathFinder service initiative is based on Carrier ENUM technology and acts as a central directory where operators can share mobile and fixed-line addresses to enable accurate and cost-effective routing of packet voice, instant messaging, multimedia services, email and video. The PathFinder service is available to mobile and fixed service providers as well as the full value chain including carriers, IPXs, hubs, ISPs, content providers and application providers. In addition, the GSMA's PathFinder initiative also encompasses an Industry Partner Programme, which is designed to ensure that next-generation infrastructure vendors around the globe have an industry vehicle with which to verify interoperability with ENUM-based routing.

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