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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Communications software solutions provider

Trillium Digital Systems is the leading provider of communications software solutions for the converged network infrastructure. Trillium's source code solutions are used in more than 500 projects by industry-leading suppliers of wireless, Internet, broadband and telephony products.

Trillium's high-performance, high-availability software and services reduce the time, risk and cost of implementing SS7, IP, H.323, MGCP, ATM, Wireless and other standards-based communications protocols.
Trillium actively participates in the development of 3rd generation systems by developing standards-based wireless communications protocols. It is likely that the first 3G mobile terminals will be multi-mode devices, which means that they will support a number of 2nd generation protocol standards in order to reach wide network coverage and to provide 3rd generation advanced services. Trillium has extensive know-how in all the major communications protocol standards in the world and can provide solutions for many types of networks.

Trillium designs all its portable software products using the Trillium Advanced Portability Architecture (TAPAƤ), a set of architectural and coding standards that ensure the software is completely independent of the compiler, processor, operating system and architecture of the target system. This makes Trillium products portable, consistent, reliable, high quality, high performance, flexible, and scaleable. This architecture also ensures that all Trillium protocols can interwork seamlessly in the same or between different networks.
As mentioned above, successful implementation, adoption, and overall acceptance of the 3G wireless networks depends largely on the ability of these new mobile networks to interface and interwork with the existing 2G and legacy networks currently deployed worldwide. Trillium offers a broad range of protocols for first- and second-generation mobile networks, legacy networks, and fixed networks. Trillium's products allow wireless communications equipment manufacturers to develop "best-in-class" next-generation mobile networks, to ensure success of the network operator and service provider, and to ensure wide acceptance of the new services by end-users.
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