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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Facebook Numbers - How does it work?

Following the last viral campaign which saw millions of Facebook users change their profile pictures to their favourite cartoon character, the latest craze set to go viral may be "The Number Game".
Just in case you have seen seemingly random numbers pop up in your friends' status updates, here is an explanation of how it works:

The Facebook Numbers Status game is based on a friend being identified to you by a number. The trick is to ask the friend for a number (this could be his or her favourite number) using a private message, so the number is only known to you.

You then post a message about the friend on your wall, identifying the friend only by the number. So, an example could be (after having received say number 55 from your friend):

"Number 55: You are one of the kindest people I know".

Your friends will all see the status update and will be left guessing who you are referring to, but your friend with number 55 will know. 

The game seems a little silly at first, but can be great fun as it helps people learn about your true feelings for your friends, and vice versa. It's also fun when duplicate numbers appear!

The Facebook number game is hoping to go viral and achieve 1 million members by Christmas. At the time of writing, that number stood at 8,314. It still has some distance to go.

Click the link to visit the official Facebook page for the Number Game.

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