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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ufone new gprs package offers: GPRS Bucket

GPRS Bucket
Good news for International Roamers!
For the first time in Pakistan, we offer our Postpay customers the GPRS Bucket. Now when you travel out of country for business or leisure, get 10 MB of free data services for a simple Rs. 3000 per month which gives you, an over 70% discount.
Please note that this service is a limited time offer and subscription is valid till 15th February 2011 only.
Ufone offers the widest GPRS coverage in the industry with more than 120 destinations.
Monthly Subscription Charges:
Rs. 3,000/-
Free GPRS limit per month:
10 MB
GPRS over and above free limit:
As per rates published on website.
Subscription Limit:
1 Subscription / Month
  Countries & Network:
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
United Kingdom:

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