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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Microsoft buries iPhone and BlackBerry in Windows Phone 7 parade

It’s no secret that Microsoft has high hopes its new Windows Phone 7 operating system will help revive the company’s mobile fortunes, which have certainly taken a battering of late.
But so confident is MS of its success, Engadget reports that it has held a celebration parade for the OS being released to manufacturing in which the company literally buried market rivals. Seriously.
This involved employees dressing up in black, complete with hearses and coffins to depict the burial of the iPhone and BlackBerry by the new great hope which is Windows Phone 7.
There was also a Thriller style zombie dance, no less – with some employees keeping better time than others (yes, we’re talking to you, the guy in the white top who does the overhead hand-clap way too late at the 27 second mark in the YouTube video of the event).
Anyway, what to make of all this? Well, it’s hit a few headlines, which was obviously the intention. Although apparently Windows Phone 7 isn’t burying Android, the OS which overtook Windows Mobile in the global smartphone market this year.
Windows Phone 7 will be out on October 11th, and we shall see whose funeral it is soon enough thereafter.

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